MicroMerge 2.0

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MicroMerge automates merging of microsatellite data sets that were genotyped at different facilities or using different protocols or platforms. The software employs a Bayesian statistical model that matches allele frequencies between data sets (Presson et al. 2006). MicroMerge v2.0 enables the following aspects of control: 1) output file formats which can be handled by most statistical genetic analysis packages, 2) tailoring the algorithm to different merging scenarios, such as data sets with very different sample sizes or multiple data sets, 3) merging small data sets when a reliable set of allele frequencies are available, and 4) improving the quantity and 5) quality of merged data. Examples of MicroMerge input and output files are included with the software distribution. Details and examples of the five features described above can be found in Presson et al. 2007.

Please let me know if you have any questions about MicroMerge and in particular if there are any changes or additions that would make this program more useful to you.

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  1. Presson AP, Sobel E, Lange K, Papp JC (2006) Merging microsatellite data?. Journal of Computational Biology 13:1131-1147.
  2. Presson AP, Sobel E, Pajukanta P, Plaisier C, Papp JC (2007) Merging microsatellite data II: methodology and software for increasing power in genetic association studies. To be submitted.